Aqua Room

We offer professional laundry services in Soweto (2km from Jabulani Mall). Our business is to save you time so you can do the things you love.


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Laundry                     per kg

Wash & iron                R25

Wash & Dry                 R19

Iron only                      R21

Dry only                       R11

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Fleece blanket             R50

Single bed                    R80

Double bed | 1ply       R100

Double bed | 2ply*     R130

Double bed | 3ply**   R250

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Curtains                      per kg

Wash & Dry                 R19

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Size 2-4                        R25

Size 5-11                      R35

* Some 2ply blankets are very thick and can only be hand washed, therefore they will be charged as a 3ply.
** 3ply blankets are hand washed and air dried.

NB: 1 – 2 days turnaround time. Prices are charged per KG. For your convenience, we also have prices for single items.

Laundry Bags

Getting your laundry done doesn’t have to be hard – simply pop your dirty items in one of our trendy laundry bags and take it with you on your way out of the door. No delays, no sorting.

Laundry bags: R200 each

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1406 Mavi Street, Central
Western Jabavu, Soweto


Working Hours

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 8AM – 5PM
Wednesday: 8AM – 5PM
Thursday: 8AM – 5PM
Friday: 8AM – 5PM
Saturday: 8AM – 5PM
Sunday: 8AM – 5PM
Holidays: 8AM – 2PM

Banking Details

Account name: Aqua Room
Bank: FNB (First National Bank)
Account number: 62551822945
Account type: Cheque
Branch code: 250655


We accept card payments.

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